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Dog and volunteer, waiting for adopcion

Adoption in Spain

Adopting an animal is an act of great responsibility and should not be motivated by a whim (especially if it comes from a child). Nor should it be carried out hastily. We do not accept adoptions for guardianship, breeding, hunting, as a gift or as a surprise. We only accept responsible adoptions in which the animal is one of the family. We will not give animals for adoption if there is no agreement or consensus throughout the family unit, if the adopter is not of legal age.


The adoption process is as follows:


- The adopter must answer a questionnaire that will allow us to get to know them better and assess the suitability of the adoption. We ask that the questionnaire be answered as comprehensively as possible.

- We will then contact you by phone to talk more specifically about adoption.

- We cannot guarantee the final size or breed mix of the puppies, we can only give approximate data. Rescued animals that are so small, nothing is certain, so if you want to ensure a size, "breed" or character, it is better to choose an adult dog with these characteristics already defined.

Do you want to adopt?
Send us a message and we will get back to you.

Gracias por querer adoptar! Thanks for wanting to adopt !

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